Shrink wrap for boats

During winter countless boat owners keep their boats away from the water. In this period it is important to keep your boat in mint conditions. Heat shrink wrapping protects your yacht or sailboat from damage.

The skin-tight cover allows you to transport a boat protected from weather conditions and other harmful factors. For this reason, Verisafe heat shrink wrap has become a favourite among boat enthusiasts.

Boat Wrapping

The marine industry is one of the most challenging industries for our business. Boats have plenty of irregular shapes that need to be covered when encapsulating it. Solicom has put special attention to its heat shrink plastic to meet these special demands. Heat shrink wrap for yachts does not just need to be sturdy. Some other properties are very important as well.

The welding properties of Verisafe shrink film, for example, are unique. We have been able to reduce the shrink foil welding temperature by 10° compared to our competitors. This saves boat owners a large amount of time during film application. It also reduces the risk of puncturing during the welding process. Furthermore, our Heat shrink wrap has:

  • High-grade puncture resistance
  • UV ray stability adapted to your region
  • Bidirectional shrinking: The wrap shrinks evenly in all directions

It has taken years of development to acquire these specific properties. We are proud to say that our heavy-duty shrink wrap is used both by professionals and hobbyists. This proves the high-quality standards Verisafe meets and the ease of use.

Boat shrink wrap
Boat shrink wrap

We will, of course, provide you with the right accessories to get the job done. Ask for our shrink wrap heat gun when making an order.

Boat wrap

It’s easy to see why Verisafe is popular for the winterisation of boats. Shipyards around the world have been using Verisafe heat shrink wrap. Working closely with our clients is at the heart of our company. We have gathered feedback from shipyards that helped us improve our products.

We consider our clients to be partners in our goal to produce the best heat shrink wrap available on the market. As a boat owner, you will strongly benefit from our partnerships. Today we can assure you that Verisafe meets the highest standards for boat wrapping.

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Eco-friendly boat wrapping

There’s a lot of misconceptions about heat shrink plastic. It would be harmful to the environment. This is far from the truth. We use polyethylene as the raw material for our product. This is composed of carbon and hydrogen. So no actual plastic is involved during the production process.

Harmful substances are kept out of the environment while using heat shrink wrap. The Verisafe products are chemically inert. Moreover, it is completely recyclable. Protecting your boat will not hurt our planet.

We maintain a large stock. Therefore, products that are high in demand are always ready to be sent to existing and new clients. No matter the size of your yacht, we will be able to help you out. Make sure to contact us for more information about products best suited for boat wrapping. Some less common colours and sizes of shrink wrap rolls are available on order.

It doesn’t matter if you have one boat or if you manage a shipyard. Plenty of small businesses and individual boat enthusiasts put their trust in Verisafe heat shrink wrap. If quality is your highest priority, we welcome you to the Versafe family.

Boat wrap

We share your concern to protect your boat. You’ve made a large investment and you want to enjoy it as much and as long as possible. Using heavy-duty shrink wrap makes a lot of sense. We dedicate ourselves to protect what’s valuable to you.

Heat wrapping your boat is the single best solution to shield it from damage. People do this for storage or transportation. If one day you decide to sell your vessel, it will be in the best condition possible. The only damage to ever occur will be from the actual use of your boat. That’s how it should be.

Ready to make your order? Our sales team will guide you to buy the heat shrink wrap best suited for your needs.

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