Shipyards are presented with many challenges. Solicom provides the right solution for every situation. Problems might occur during construction, repair or renovation of boats. Verisafe shrinking wrap stands out as the product of choice due to its large width (up to 16m), shrinking strength and UV stability.

Shipyard wrapping

Shipyards all over the world have put their trust in the Verisafe brand. Continuous efforts in Research and development have resulted in products ideal for the shipyard industry. No other Heat shrink film supplier matches our level of quality. We deliver flame retardant foils and much more.

Close communication with industry partners helped us identify the key properties Verisafe film should possess.

  • The right amount of UV resistance depending on your location.
  • Shrinking properties with a similar contractions strength both horizontally and vertically.
  • High ecological standard. Our product is chemically inert and can be totally recycled.

Our team is at your disposal to meet all requirements. It’s through close collaboration with our clients that we deliver market best heat shrink wrap.

Shipyard wrap
Shipyard wrap

Tell us what properties you desire and we will develop a product that fits your needs. Innovation is the main reason for our commercial success.

Shipyard heat shrink wrap

We go beyond the traditional client supplier relationship. It is through listening to our clients we have detected the challenges they face. Our product development is completely market driven to meet every need.

Partnering with our clients has fortified our position as a market leader. We have assembled a strong team that’s up to the challenge. We supply you with the best of solutions and most technical needs of the market.

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Ecological heat shrink wrap

Verisafe heat shrink wrap is no ordinary plastic. Despite the look and feel it is no real plastic. We use polyethylene as a raw material to produce Verisafe shrink film. No harmful substances end up in the environment. Shrink wrap is also completely recyclable. You probably would not have guessed that.

Did you know heat shrink plastic is chemically inert? Polyethylene consists of carbon and hydrogen. This makes the use of Verisafe ecologically sound.

You will notice plenty of products are available from stock. As a market leader, we are able to act fast when it comes to your needs. We can handle large orders on short notice. Feel free to contact us about the availability of the product you need. Uncommon colours and sizes of shrink wrap rolls are available on order.

Our client base is diverse. Some of the shipyards we supply are among the biggest in existence, others are much smaller. We partner up with the most demanding business. It is these high standards that push us to continue the improvement of our heat shrink wraps.

Shipyard heat shrink wrap

The shipyard industry has very specific needs. Over the years we have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible with heat shrink film. Today our efforts are rewarded with the trust of shipyards around the globe. We hope you will continue to challenge us to improve the Verisafe product range.

Because of our position in the market, we connect different markets and their specific expertise. We use our large network to help you out any way we can.

You may count on us for guidance in selecting the right products. Do not hesitate to ask us your questions. We are ready to help you make the right choices.

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