Shrink wrap for transport

Transporting goods comes with big responsibilities. Your clients rely on you to relocate goods over long distances without these goods being damaged. For some large objects with odd shapes, this can be a daunting task.

Heat shrink wrap has found an important application in the transportation sector. Verisafe shrink film keeps items of all sizes safe from dust and weather influences.

Transport wrapping

Some transporting assignments bring along unique challenges. Sometimes objects don’t fit in a standard trailer. This exposes it to harmful factors from outside and leaves it vulnerable to damage. Heat shrink wrap is the solution of choice for any transportation company confronted with these problems. Shrink wrap packaging even allows you to cover up something like a helicopter. There’s no better way to protect the goods you are moving.

Over the years, we’ve partnered up with several transportation companies. Shrink wrap packaging has solved plenty of their issues. In close collaboration with our clients, we’ve improved our product. Investments in R&D has led to some superior qualities.

  • Great puncture resistance.
  • Unrivaled fire retardant properties (certifications are available)
  • Shrinks with the same power in all directions allowing a perfect fit every time.

Developing an exceptional product demands a continuous effort. We have listened to transportation companies to create the best protection possible. Because of the feedback we receive, we know what we need to do to keep you satisfied. Together we deliver the goods in perfect condition.

Transport shrink wrap
Transport shrink wrap

Next to heat shrink wrap rolls we also provide you with the right accessories and advise. Use the shrink wrap heat gun properly for skin-tight protection.

Transport wrap

Product development is driven by market need. Because of this, Verisafe film comes in many variations. For example, the level of fire resistance or thickness can be changed to meet your demands. Different transporting jobs require different kinds of heat shrink plastic.  The Solicom sales team is at your disposal to select the product best suited for you.

Our humble beginnings in western Europe has not stopped us from becoming a global market leader. We achieved this by building a network of partners and experts. It’s our goal to keep improving our products and remain the obvious choice for transportation companies around the world.

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Turning transportation green

The transportation business is under a lot of pressure to become greener. Heat shrink wrap is an excellent way to shield products without harming nature. In contrast to other solutions, shrink wrapping is both effective and ecological.

During the productions of Verisafe shrink plastic, no pollutants are created. The polyethylene used for production consists of nothing but carbon and hydrogen. Our heavy duty shrink wrap is chemically inert and it’s recyclable. Step by step we help your business to become greener.

If you have urgent deliveries to be made it will please you to know we have a large stock. Products that are in high demand are always available. Even large quantities can be delivered out of our stock. Some different sizes and colours are produced on demand.

Solicom’s clients come in all sizes. Many big transport companies rely on the Verisafe brand to keep goods safe. But also a large number of small business come to us for safer transport or warehouse logistics.

Transport wrap

Transportation is a delicate business. You are trusted with valuable goods and clients have high expectations. Every delivery must be executed without the goods being damaged. Heat shrink wrap is the only way to safeguard your load from the smallest scratch.

Just like you, we are used to high expectations. Protecting cargo is one of the most demanding applications for shrink film. We hope you keep us accountable for producing the best quality heat shrink wrap rolls possible. We are looking forward to your feedback to do it even better.

Do you want the best possible protection for your cargo? Tell us what you need and we will make it happen. Our experts will help you get the level of protection you need.

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