Boat wrap

Looking for a solid solution to protect your boat or yacht against severe weather or damage during the winter months? A boat wrap with high-quality shrink wrap offers a reliable solution.

Solicom specialises in protecting industrial applications. The Verisafe heat shrink foil provides optimal protection against the sun, wind, harsh weather, dust, and other damaging forces. Irregular shaped objects can also be wrapped with our high-performing shrink wrapping.

Protect your boat from the elements

Keeping your boat in excellent condition during the winter months is difficult. Sun, rain, hail and storms can cause serious damage to your boat. The colours of the boat will fade and has to endure harsh weather conditions.

A boat cover or yacht cover ensures that your boat is protected, and looks like new for longer. Our boat wrap offers reliable protection for inside or outside storage and transport.

A boat wrap or yacht wrap: the perfect solution

Using shrink foil to protect your boat ensures that you can easily store the boat in your own garden or garage. More and more boat and yacht owners choose a shrink foil boat cover because it is an economical and ecological solution.

High quality protection with a boat wrap

At Solicom, we ensure a close collaboration with our partners around the world. We listen to feedback and ensure continuous innovation. Our product therefore achieves the highest standards in heavy duty performance and quality.

Verisafe shrink foil is a wrapping material that offers excellent, heavy-duty protection. The high-quality boat wrap or yacht cover is easy to apply and remove. Because of this great versatility it is the best protection for your boat during the storage period, during transport or during storage out your home.

The Verisafe boat wrap has many interesting qualities:

  • High-grade puncture resistance
  • UV protection
  • Perfect fit around the shape of the boat
  • Protection against harsh weather
  • Keeps dust out
  • Fire retardant
  • Ecological solution

Get more information about a protective boat cover

No boat is too big or small to wrap with a boat or yacht wrap. Shield your ship or yacht from the elements to keep it in the best condition.

Do you have questions about the possibilities and applications of the Verisafe heat shrink foil? Would you like more information about wrapping your boat or yacht? Contact us. Our team is happy to help you with expert advice.

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